Variety Pack is a global diversity, equity and inclusion consultancy, helping clients with their diversity strategy to leverage new growth opportunities, embody true allyship and move beyond performative measures. We want clients who respect lived experiences, are serious about moving the needle for underrepresented teams and have goals in mind. If that sounds like you, reach out.

Progress Is Impossible

Without Change

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If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Variety Pack helps you to get off on the right foot. We're there in the (virtual) room to navigate conversations with senior stakeholders and help to create a road map that fits your organisations wants and needs.


Training has to be intentional and delivered in a safe space. We empower teams with the knowledge and tools to become more inclusive. We deliver a range of training on topics like race, unconscious bias, developing psychological safety and anti-racism.


Pull up, if you want them to show up. Integration is hard, but possible. 83% of millennials want a work culture that is inclusive and are more engaged because of it. You have a real chance to stand out from the competition if you can get this right.


We take a deep dive into your data, processes, culture and policies. Strategic diversity plans are quickly becoming outdated. There's no need to double down on failure, we'll take a fresh look at where you are now to build on your wins for the future.

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