Helpful resources related to diversity in the workplace. 

WOCinTech Photos

Free to use Women in Colour in Tech stock photos. Creative Commons license applies (you must credit the creator).

Diversity and Inclusion Starter Kit

Free on-demand training and a science-backed Diversity and Inclusion survey template.

21 Racial


21 Racial Microaggressions You Hear On A Daily Basis, written by Heben Nigatu.



20 free to access Unconscious bias training Microlearning lessons. 

How to get serious about diversity and inclusion

Imagine a workplace where people of all colours and races are able to climb every rung of the corporate ladder.

50 Ways To Fight Bias

50 Ways to Fight Bias is a bias training activity that helps people recognize and combat gender bias at work.

Race Inequality in the Workforce

Exploring connections between work, ethnicity and mental health. Written by Georgina Bowyer and Morag Henderson Edited by Douglas White and Lord Simon Woolley


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