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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Support for Scaling Teams.

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Variety Pack provides consulting, training and advisory services to help organisations worldwide to define, build and scale inclusive cultures that work for all. 

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Make the changes in culture that your people expect.

It's 2022 and you should have a diversity and inclusion strategy that focuses on real action. We help you to target the interventions that matter, maximise your budget and do the work.  

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Data Driven Strategy & Transformation

Whether it's support to establish a baseline of inclusion metrics that matter or to challenge and evolve your existing data. Transformation is incremental and needs to be measured. We'll design a strategy that adds value and helps to establish what success looks like. 

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Where we shine

We're your behind the scenes D&I team. Whether you need a refreshed strategy or you're just starting out, we can help, talk to us!

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Learning & Development

We're in this to create real change and that passion goes into every workshop we deliver and every toolkit we create. Utilising the latest research, we make learning relatable, actionable and remove the buzzwords. 

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Research & Evaluation

What's the experience of a woman of colour in your organisation today? How are your trans folks holding up? We leverage our independence and expertise to research and report on structural inequality, inequity and perception gaps. 

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Inclusive Recruitment & Representation

Tackling unconscious bias in attraction and talent sourcing requires the right tools, partnerships and education. We're here to guide you through the process to move away from "diversity hires" to a real commitment of increasing representation. 

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We have a lab (It's called VPX)! No frogs or bunsen burners, just an agile people science team that trials new ideas and new tech. Our ongoing clients get a first look and first dibs to our new developments. 


"Our experience with Variety Pack has been refreshing, honest and has felt right from the very first call! The team at Variety Pack have helped us to set out a strategy based on taking onboard feedback from all our people that addresses our aspirations as a business. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion at work is real and Variety Pack continually help us move forward with confidence."

Sarah Gillett, Chief People Office at The Office Group (TOG)

We're trusted by ambitious teams that seek to be challenged. 

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We help you to create Psychologically Safe teams.

Psychological safety is the belief that you won’t be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes. High performing teams can speak their truths in safe spaces which helps to foster mutual trust. We're specialists at breaking down barriers and challenging fear.

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Why Variety Pack

We help organisations to simplify and maximise their efforts in creating a more diverse and inclusive culture, where everyone can bring their whole selves to work.


We take pride in our authentic approach to challenge leaders, educate teams and create safe spaces for uncomfortable conversations. We partner with organisations to put meaning behind the "S" in your ESG strategy.

We don't believe in buzzwords and empty promises. We challenge tokenism without shame and flatten language to meet people where they are.

We're are a passionate, engaging and professional team with over 25 years of experience that provide a global perspective on challenges and opportunities to build safe spaces for everyone to thrive.

Our Values

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Empathy first.
Respectful opinions.

Representation matters.

Purposeful change.

Equity for all.

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Our blog

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Charities we donate to every month

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"Working with Variety Pack has really helped accelerate our drive towards becoming a truly inclusive organisation. The conversations involved are often challenging ones and the teams expertise has meant we have been able to approach them positively and strategically. We are seeing the impact of our work together at all levels of our business already and we look forward to continuing our work together."

Ross Liston, Group Managing Director, Distribution at Sesame Bankhall Group

Help your leaders to bridge the gap between lived experiences.

Unintentional slights and snubs happen everyday. Inclusive leaders call people in with courage and use language that is relatable and respectful. We make it easy to understand how to do it, and utilise the latest evidenced based methods to keep you consistent. 

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"We started to develop our diversity and inclusion strategy driven by passion and good intention, but it was with the guidance of Variety Pack that as an organisation, we were able to establish a strong foundation and create a meaningful process, that has already had a positive impact on colleagues across the business."

Atlyn Forde, Data Insights Manager at Pepper Money

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